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Our experience and development in the scientific and veterinary field has allowed us to always provide the best to our clients. We have a quality and trust agreement that is of the utmost importance; That is why all our products are self-developed and supported by research and scientific work.

Ceftocidin Mastitis Aguda

LABORATORIO FUNDACION is a pharmaceutical company on the veterinary indusrty that laid its foundations at the beginning of 1986. The great capital of the project was focused on an unusual concept for our country at the time: through deep etiopathogenic knowledge of each pathology, develop drugs that imply an innovative contribution in the veterinary field and, if possible, to achieve new drugs for application.

From then on, several lines of research started out thanks to the unconditional and absolutely disinterested support of many colleagues in the profession, several of them true teachers in different areas from the veterinary, medical, biochemical, and agronomic sciences, chemistry and physics.


We were born trying to provide answers and solutions to the veterinary doctor who not only seeks effectiveness in the treatment of veterinary pathologies, but also the support of international scientific research. The search for scientific support to achieve the most satisfactory results and the highest degree of efficiency in animal pathologies has always been the number one objective of our team.

Shona y Shon Pro

Creating and cultivating an interdisciplinary field throughout its history, since the establishment of the laboratory in 1990, has resulted in countless investigations, publications, trials and advances for pharmaceutical science.


Publications in peer-reviewed journals and/or international conferences.


Technical publications.


National and international conferences.


Developed machines running in production.

Today, we have GMP certification by SENASA, in addition to having self-developed products, publications in international magazines, and a history of quality and trust that all our clients can confirm.

"Most of our investment is oriented towards research"

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