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Real action.


Broad spectrum endoparasiticide, which acts against nematodes and baskets.

In nematodes, PARONTHEL Canines exerts its action on the parasite's musculature, causing a sustained contraction (spastic paralysis).

Against cestodes, it produces a change in the potential membrane of the parasite's musculature, with a consequent cationic imbalance.

Quick and clear exit of parasites through the intestine helped by a certain evacuation effect that the drug exerts on intestinal peristalsis.


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PARONTHEL Canines can be given from the second week of life. The tablets have a double score line and can be easily divided into four doses.

It has a very high therapeutic margin (more than 100 times the therapeutic dose). It can be given to pregnant females, breeders, or nursing puppies.


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Immediate bioavailability : 100% gastroduodenal. The immediate release of the active principles allows a better and greater contact of the drug with the parasite, which increases its effectiveness.

PARONTHEL Canines is supplied without prior fasting orally. It is the ideal antiparasitic in rational deworming plans.



Antiparasitario Canino
Antiparasitario Canino




Packages containing 12 pouches of 2 tablets each. The walls of the pouches are made of trilaminate, an extraordinary barrier that gives it great security of maintaining the properties of the product until its expiration date.

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